We hope you will find everything you need, here, that will enhance your faith, inspire you, and bring blessings to your life.

Since Solace Radio went on the air in Novermber 2006, the broadcast has reached 182 countries, thousands of people, and changed lives all over the globe. People have tuned in over 3.5 million hours to hear the Word. Our teachers are the best in the world for sharing the message of hope in Messiah Yeshua (Jesus), our risen savior.

Our mission is to help others get closer to their heavenly Abba (Father) by exploring the Scriptures, the entire Bible, from a different perspective than we're usually taught. There are treasures in the scriptures, and our teachers will bring them to you. Above, all, we seek to edify our heavenly Father, and bless your life with a refreshing and engaging look at God's Word.  Keep in mind, as you listen, that we are a whole-Bible ministry, excluding none of His Word as outdated and unnecessary. We believe in a whole truth. Thank you for listening to and supporting Solace Radio! Shalom!
Help us continue to reach people worldwide with the truth of God's Word, Biblical Principles, and TorahMountainSkyon6EastDSCN6248.JPG

Solace Radio

Changing lives, one heart at a time

A friend of mine would tell me from time to time of things he was hearing on Solace Radio and how much he enjoyed it. I didn't know until the other day that I could hear it on the internet. Thanks so much for being there.
Clover, SC


I love this radio station. Thank you so much for having a place to go and listen to so many different teachers of like spirit. Thank you Solace. I believe your reward will be great in His Kingdom. Shalom, shalom, shalom,


Listener donations make all this possible each month. Those who contribute are changing  lives all around the world. Thank you for your help.

Solace Radio is not a 501C3 corporation. Your donations are truly from the heart.

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